Stone Processing

The CL 830B The CL 830B red is configured just for bridge saw applications. With 30mW of laser power, it is the most powerful red laser available on the market today, so it is visible against all colors. It comes with an easy-to-install bracket (CE-HPS-800) that is simple to set up. Its rugged construction and sealed protected lens [...]

PDF Documents

Medical Manuals/Specs Brochures Maxx 606/607 Manual Maxx 606 Template - CEM-3010-00 Maxx 700 Flow Chart - Colored Maxx 700 Icon Legend Maxx 700 Quick Start Maxx 700 User Guide Template - Sagittal Angle - CEM-1504-904A(SG) Template - Sagittal Flat - CEM-1504-23A(SG) Template - Cross Hair - CEM-1504-23A(CR) Maxx 606 Brochure Maxx 700 Brochure Maxx [...]

Mounting Options

SK-800 Shift Kit for edgersThe SK-800 shift kit is designed for board edgers and can be configured to any blade set-up. All kits are custom built from aluminum track and are fully assembled. These kits quickly pay for themselves and offer years of trouble-free operation. You will process more valuable boards in less time and [...]

Loom Laser

Another innovation by Cemar Electro; this laser was designed for use on large weaving looms to detect one broken thread out of thousands. The unit detects the missing thready and stops loom before any costly damage can be done. Now in its fourth generation, the Loom Laser series Thread-Break Detection system uses cutting-edge laser and [...]

The Pico

This mini laser is designed for lighter duty/shorter line applications in controlled environments. The EC-805 can be used in a multitude of applications and industries, and is one of our most versatile and economical lasers. The EC-805 otherwise known as "The Pico" is perfect for short line applications, and supports all of our lenses and power [...]

CL-720 Portable Band Saw Laser

The CL-720 has been specially configured for portable band saws which are operating under cover or indoors. Using "Powershift™" a technique to deliver a more uniform line from angle-mounted lasers, this laser is great for outdoor use. Power Consumption:  1 Watt max. Operating Temperature:  -10°~40°C   14°~100°F *Call us for additional power options to suit [...]