The CL-720 has been specially configured for portable band saws which are operating under cover or indoors. Using “Powershift™” a technique to deliver a more uniform line from angle-mounted lasers, this laser is great for outdoor use.

Power Consumption:  1 Watt max.

Operating Temperature:  -10°~40°C   14°~100°F

*Call us for additional power options to suit your needs.





Cemarline Powershift

The R & D team at Cemar Electro has developed “Powershift™” a technique to deliver a more uniform line from angle-mounted lasers. Used with our patented linear lens we are able to shift some of the laser power to maintain the intensity throughout the length of the line.


Uniform line Intensity

Other Lasers use cylindrical optics and a fan lens to spread the light. This creates a line that is bright in the middle but faded at the tips:


When angle mounted lasers use a fan lens to spread the light over the length of the line it loses intensity and fades out as it extends outward.


With Cemar Electro’s patented linear lens, the projected light is distributed equally over the entire length of the line:


With Cemarline “Powershift™” the laser power is shifted slightly to the far end of the line delivering a clear balanced line from beginning to end.


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