Why Choose a Cemar Electro Laser?

Experience: Cemar Electro has been making lasers for more than 20 years. Service: Our service team will give you a free estimate within 24hrs and have your unit repaired and on its way back to you within 48hrs. Warranty: 2 full years on both new and repaired lasers. Customer Service: always available, helpful and knowledgeable. [...]

What is PowerShift?

PowerShift™ is a custom-installed solution designed to ensure your laser projects a crisp, bright, uniform line when mounted at angles other than 90º. Read more about Power Shifted lasers.

What comes with the laser?

When you buy a Cemarline laser, you get everything you need to install and adjust the laser; a bracket with a power supply and optics to suit your application. You even get an allen key for set-up and adjustment.

What is the Interactive Laser Positioning Demo?

This is a very useful tool that can assist you in choosing the right laser for your application. You can choose between all of our available lenses and mounting positions to determine which best suit your needs. Our sales department is always available if you do need assistance in using the demo. Click here to [...]

Is it dangerous to use a Cemar laser?

No. That said, operating a laser emitting device demands common sense be used. Pay close attention to the laser device warning labels on all lasers, and never look directly into the emitter or its reflection. Our lasers are low powered devices that only produce visible lines. They do not produce heat capable of harming your [...]

Do you fill custom orders?

Yes. Our engineering and production departments readily adapt and develop laser solutions to meet the needs of custom orders. Send us the specifications of your needs, and we will develop the line generator laser solution you need.