Should a laser be left on all the time?

There is a very popular misconception that lasers should be left on at all times. This is only for the older HeNe type units, the new diode lasers should be turned off when not in use as they have a lifespan and any time your machine is not in use it is better to shut [...]

How do I mount a laser?

Most Cemar lasers come with a mounting bracket that will do the job. Simply attach the bracket to a solid surface above the area where the line will be projected. To take full advantage of the line generated by one of our lasers, Cemar recommends mounting the laser so it projects the line towards the [...]

Is it dangerous to use a Cemar laser?

No. That said, operating a laser emitting device demands common sense be used. Pay close attention to the laser device warning labels on all lasers, and never look directly into the emitter or its reflection. Our lasers are low powered devices that only produce visible lines. They do not produce heat capable of harming your [...]