The primary colors for lasers are red, green and blue, the most common being red. Over time as the technology advanced, green, blue and other colors such as yellow started to appear on the market place. Further advances made these colors more affordable for the industrial markets and usage depended on the unique requirements of each application. Several factors determined color choice such as target material, lighting conditions and reference method, whether it is the human eye or a camera. Click here for more

Red still leads the others as it is has a long history of availability, reliability, stability and the range of power levels. As Green diodes emerged it was obvious that they are much more visible than the other colors and in certain applications offer a visibility that cannot be achieved using other colors at eye safe levels. In applications where there were high light conditions or for darker target surfaces were an issue green quickly became the go to color.

Cemar first introduced the Cl-505 red patient positioning laser using 635nm over 20 years ago red was the only feasible choice. As time passed and green technology progressed it became possible to offer green and very quickly it became apparent that green showed much greater visibility on darker skin tones. We then introduced the CL-606 green and that was the market standard for many years.

As you can see in the graph below which represents the entire laser light spectrum in relation to the visibility by the human eye. It is no contest when it comes to which is more visible, green is approximately 3 times more visible than red or blue. Green also works better with the optical technology creating a sharper more precise line and is suitable for all skin tones. Red is still a very viable option as it will work on all colors and also works well with the optics. Lastly, blue which is bordering on ultra violet is harder for the human eye to focus on and may cause some ocular fatigue after a short period.

Skin absorption is not a critical factor as the power levels are very low that power is distributed over the length of the line. What is critical is the treatment room tech’s ability to make a quick and accurate reference to the line.

Cemar Electro offers all 3 colors and no premium is added for any color. They can be interchanged or mixed depending on the need.  Our Maxx series lasers offer the latest in laser technology and allow the customers’ needs and not his budget to determine which color to choose.