Laser Safety

Using lasers in the workplace demands safety precautions be taken. Lasers can seriously damage eyesight when a beam is directed into the eye.

Please review the Laser Safety documents to better understand how you can prevent permanent eye injury while handling and working with a laser.

CEMAR is pleased to provide access on our site to the U.S. Government’s Occupational Health & Safety Adminstration’s Guidelines for Laser Safety and Hazard Assessment. The document is presented here in ten parts. For a printed copy of the document, please visit the OHSA website.

Our lasers meet FDA standards 1040.10 and 1040.11. These standards are also available to read on our website. For further information, please refer to the FDA website.

Laser Safety is extremely important. Please, never look directly at a laser, and never direct the beam of a laser into another person’s eyes