LL2000-r2051_wdrawingLR-2051 Medium Receiver

• Fast and easy mounting solution
• Reduced mounting space
• Immunity to vibration and ambient light of any kind.



ll2000-lr2052_drawing2LR-2052 Special Lens Receiver

The SPECIAL LENS RECEIVER can be used for LARGE LOOMS from 10 m (30 ‘) up to 24 m (75 ‘) where vibration could be a problem.

LL2000-LR2053-aLR-2053 Small Flat Receiver

The SMALL FLAT RECEIVER is ideal for small compact looms, in critical positions where mounting space is a problem. Also ideal for use on the lay or in the front shed of the loom. The flat shape allows mounting of the receiver inside the warp when needed.



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