LL2000-br20590BR 205-90 90° Mounting Bracket

The BR 205-90 is the standard mounting bracket for the LL 2000-2 Loom Laser system. It is ideal for use with looms up to 5 m (15 ft) in width. This mounting bracket, combined with the tiny size of the LL 2000 laser emitter, offers great flexiblity when installing your system. The periscope mirror aims the beam at 90º from the lens of the laser, so this already small laser can fit into the smallest possible space.

The BR 205-90 allows the laser to be mounted on the left or right of the bracket (see position 2 below), and it can be rotated on both the horizontal and vertical axes to adjust the position of the beam on the receiver (see position 3 below). This bracket can be mounted in the shed, in front of the loom, or on the lay.




LPB-2000-1/13 Precision Bracket

lpb2000The LPB 2000-1/13 is designed for use with looms from 5 to 24 m (15 to 75 ft) in width. Micrometric adjustment screws adjust the position of the beam on the receiver with a precision of 1-2 mm (0.04 to 0.08″). Used together with the LR-2052, the LPB 2000-1/13 ensures your Loom Laser system will function properly in even the most extreme conditions (such as strong vibrations).

Why do you need this mounting bracket?

If you plan to use the LL 2000 Loom Laser system on a loom wider than 5 m (15 ft), you need to compensate for the vibrations, from the movement of the loom mechanism, that can cause the laser to shift slightly. This resulting shift can move the beam away from the center of the receiver’s photocell. Using the micrometric adjustment screws on the LPB 2000-1/13, you can re-aim the laser emitter to compensate for any vibrations, ensuring the quality of the signal received by the photocell.