LR-2050 Low Profile Receiver

ll2000-lr2050_drawingThe LR-2050 is a small, low-profile receiver ideal for looms where mounting space is limited, and for small-width looms.

The profile of this receiver is so small—just 7.2mm (0.28″) thick—it can mount in any place where space is a concern. It can even be installed on the lay or in the front shed of the loom, and, when necessary, its low profile lets it be mounted inside the warp.

What helps us make this receiver so small is the separate housing of the electronics, joined to the LR-2050 by cable (please click the drawing to the right to view an example). Its small size takes nothing away from its performance, this receiver is just as capable as the LR-2051 and LR-2052 receivers.

Why do you need this receiver?

You need the LR-2050 if there is limited space next to your loom. If you have an inch, you have more than enough space for the LR-2050. Our other receivers are much thicker in their profile, and require much more space to be mounted correctly. If space is a concern, the BR 205-90 is best laser mounting option for your loom application.

LR-2051 Standard Receiver

The LR-2051 is the standard loom laser system receiver for use with looms up to 10m (30 ft) in width. Small enough to mount almost anywhere (please read about the LR-2050 for an even smaller-profile receiver), the LR-2051 is immune to any vibrations caused by the loom, and remains unaffected by changes in ambient light levels.


LR-2052 Special Lens Receiver

ll2000-lr2052_drawingThe LR-2052 is a specially prepared receiver for use with large looms—from 10 to 24 m (30 to 75 ft) in width—where vibration from the loom can cause the laser beam to stray. The wide-angle lens stabilizes the laser beam signal so it is constantly aimed to the center of the receiver photocell even if the beam itself actually leaves the center.

Why do you need this receiver?

You need the LR-2052 if your loom is wider than 10m (30 ft). The lens compensates for any wandering of the laser beam by refocusing the beam to the center of the receiver photocell.

Why does the beam stray?

Aimed from a tiny aperture, the laser beam travels in a perfectly straight line from the emitter diode to the receiver. Mounted near or on the loom, the emitter diode is subject to the vibrations of the loom as it works. These vibrations can cause the laser beam to move slightly.

Over short distances, the beam will not move enough for the receiver to miss its signal. However, when the beam distance exceeds 10 m, the vibrations of the loom may cause the beam to stray outside the reach of the photocell. The LR-2052, fitted with its special lens, will ensure a beam projected over a distance of 10 to 24 m will meet the center of the receiver photocell, thus ensuring your loom and your loom laser system continue to operate properly.

LL2000-LR2053LR-2053 Small Flat Receiver

The SMALL FLAT RECEIVER is ideal for small compact looms, in critical positions where mounting space is a problem. Also ideal for use on the lay or in the front shed of the loom. The flat shape allows mounting of the receiver inside the warp when needed.