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The vehicle positioning system is another innovation by Cemar Electro Inc.

When Alcan came to us in 2006 in search of a solution for positioning their trucks to receive Boxite and other powdered materials, our R & D team immediately began working on a system which would guide their material-handling trucks to line up their receptacles with the material tube. They also required an electronic signal to be sent once the truck had been aligned to confirm the position and begin the loading sequence. The system that Cemar Electro created is simple to use, does not force the operator to slow down, and the driver no longer has to exit the truck to verify correct placement. Installed in 2007, the system has been operating without any technical issues and the customer is realizing considerable time saving and cleanup costs as the system has eliminated any accidental material spills.

Please see the animated demo below to see how it works:


Visual guides: 1 vertical and 1 horizontal laser with protective casing used in the cross target alignment.  
acp2 Laser emitter: Sealed metal casing housing 2 special laser emitters  
acp3 Laser sensor: Sealed metal casing housing custom built  sensor banks.  



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