Another innovation by Cemar Electro; this laser was designed for use on large weaving looms to detect one broken thread out of thousands. The unit detects the missing thready and stops loom before any costly damage can be done.

Now in its fourth generation, the Loom Laser series Thread-Break Detection system uses cutting-edge laser and microprocessor technology to provide protection from thread breaks in any weaving environment.

Thread breaks are detected when the CPU senses small changes in the light received by the photocell (receiver). The system is programmed to differentiate between actual thread breaks and false signals generated, for example, when a dust particle or an insect passes through the beam.

Lasers can be strategically placed at critical points—the whiproll, back shed, front shed, or on the lay—to give complete thread-break coverage.

The advanced capabilities of the LL-2000 Loom Laser can detect threads as small as 30 microns on looms operating between 120 and 600 rpm. At the same time, the system is immune to changes in ambient light, and can withstand vibrations up to 14mm in amplitude at the surface of the receiver sensor.